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Frequently Asked Questions

What products can Omniblend manufacture?

Omniblend specialises in producing a range of dry health, nutraceutical and veterinary products including high protein powders, sports nutrition products, aseptic drinks, electrolyte and energy drinks and specialty blends.

Do I need my own formulation?

No - Omniblend can either manufacture using your existing formulation, make nutritional or flavour improvements to your formulation if necessary or formulate a new product for you from scratch once you complete our Product Brief form.

What are your minimum order quantities?

Omniblend's minimum order quantities depend on a number of factors including the density of the blend and number of ingredients used - generally we have a minimum order quantity of 500kgs per flavour per product.

What types of packaging can I use?

Omniblend is able to pack out into many different packaging formats - from sachets to tubs to buckets...the only limit is your imagination!

What is your MOQ for UHT products?

Our minimum order quantity for long life UHT products is 20,000 bottles per flavour per product.

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