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When selecting a manufacturing partner it is crucial that you are assured tightly controlled documentation processes and disciplined procedures. Omniblend has been awarded a range of important accreditations and endorsements essential to contract manufacturing including:

  • AQIS standard for Dairy product and processed food exports - Omniblend is registered to produce, store and export dairy products and processed foods from Australia.
  • European accreditation - Omniblend is eligible to export Australian dairy products to the European Union, and is listed as an approved company to produce and handle dairy products on behalf of potential independent exporters.
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point standard (HACCP) - This is an internationally recognised system which is becoming the world standard for ensuring safety and quality in the manufacture of food and nutraceuticals. Omniblend holds both SAI Global Certification Body and Dairy Food Safety Victoria (Australia).
  • Principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) - This national certification endorses that Omniblend products are fully traceable and manufactured in clean conditions and free of contaminants. Certificates of analysis are generated when required and samples of each batch are documented and stored on site.
  • Australian Certified Organic - Omniblend is an organic manufacturer certified by Australian Certified Organic

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